East Coast Accommodation

Freycinet Lodge - Tasmania East Coast
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The east coast of Tasmania is known for its spectacular landscapes and diverse history which blends Australia's own Aboriginal heritage with our European past. This historic part of the state has influences from Scotland, Wales, France and the Netherlands which can be seen in some of its most popular place names including Swansea, Schouten, Ben Lomond, Weilangta and Freycinet. The lingering connection to Indigenous culture can be seen in its spectacular landscapes where dramatic mountains meet crystal seas and soft beaches. The environment of the east coast is one of its biggest drawcards, along with a diverse range of wildlife and stunning views.

There is a great range of accommodation on Tasmania's east coast, close to national parks and the perfect place to enjoy the region's sunshine, sea life, history, beaches, wildlife, wine and adventure. East coast accommodation is designed to complement the environment around it, with many accommodation options featuring tiny details that tie it into the quiet rivers of Douglas-Apsley, the native wildlife of Maria Island, the towering eucalypts and Oyster Bay pines and the bushwalking paradise of Freycinet.

Ranging in stars and style, Tasmania's east coast accommodation offers an experience to suit everyone. From a 4 star resort with incredible views to a cosy inn overlooking Oyster Bay and a lovely lodge on the Freycinet Peninsula, there's an accommodation option you're sure to fall in love with.

East Coast Accommodation

One of the most picturesque places in Tasmania, the east coast and its accommodation offers a beautiful blend of nature, history and life's modern comforts. Whether you just want to kick back and relax or follow the gourmet trail and discover the delicious flavours of the local produce, east coast accommodation ensures an unforgettable experience. Enjoying a wonderful range of guest rooms and apartments, east coast accommodation boasts a great range of onsite facilities and some of the best views in Tasmania. TravelOnline East Coast Tasmania Accommodation